RetreatMB2010General Information

Note: For our current schedule, please visit the Current Study page.

Weekday Morning Zazen: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 7:30 am. Two half-hour sitting periods. Please call or text ahead if you plan to come.
Wednesday Evening Zazen- 6:30 pm. Summer only. We sit two 30 minute periods separated by a walking meditation (kinhin). Opportunity for discussion following sitting (optional).
Sunday Morning Zazentwice a month, October -May . Three 30 minute sittings alternate with two walking meditation sessions. The three periods on Sunday are followed by a liturgy (10-15 mins) and then dharma study. We use a variety of texts for this study. Most are available online. We list dates and our current topics and resources on the Current Study page.
Session Guidelines: Participants avoid entering a sitting session late; it is suggested to come a few minutes early. If it is necessary to enter or leave before the conclusion, we try to leave at the beginning of a walking meditation. We re-enter when the block is struck, at the end of a walking meditation. Words to most liturgy are in our Chanting Book. We encourage full participation whenever possible.

Special Events: We periodically host special events. Check this web site for other events or send us your e-mail address to be included in our regular notices. Everyone is invited to participate in these activities. If you would like to arrange an orientation and introduction, please arrange with Chris York

For information:, 622-9433


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